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From childbirth to menopause to muscle loss from aging, incontinence is a problem that many people face!  Leaking urine from coughing, sneezing, laughing, or physical activity can cause anxiety and embarrassment. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can drastically reduce these issues and improve your quality of life!

Sexual Health

As we age, our bodies and sexual health change, too. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles has been shown to help people achieve orgasm easier, experience stronger orgasms, increase blood flow, and increase sensation- all leading to a positive effect on sexual health and relationships!

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects roughly 30 million men in America! It can be stressful and embarrassing. Weaken pelvic floor muscles can contribute to erectile dysfunction. The muscle contractions that occur during each session heighten blood flow and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which helps restore sexual function!

Treatment Overview

  • Six initial sessions are recommended for the most benefit. For severe incontinence, up to 12 sessions can be completed.
  • Schedule sessions 3 to 4 days apart.
  • Each treatment lasts 28 minutes.
  • You'll remain fully dressed for the treatment.
  • The chair emits a moderate tapping noise, and you will feel a slight tingling and vibration during treatment, but it should never hurt!
    • You will be able to adjust the strength of the treatment to your comfort level throughout the session.
  • Bring your phone or a book to read.



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Each Session is Equivalent to 11,000 Kegels!

Package Overview

Optional Free Consultation:
$0 | 15 min 

Single Session:
$150 | 28 min 

6- Session Package:
$850 | 6 initial sessions - Save $50

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